The Sunset Dress

(In collaboration with designer Tyler McGillivary)

”I've never owned a high quality camera. My medium has always been in the vein of degradation instead of illumination. I remember telling a photography professor "I just want it to look like the way I see it." He told me that that was really stupid and subjective and essentially meant nothing, but I push forward because I am stubborn. Once I understood the limitations of my eye, I accepted these same rules and restrictions in the iPhone's camera. Like me, it goes basically everywhere, and it's the second closest thing I have to my own gaze for capturing beauty in a form that is imperfect, unreliable, and therefore pure. But I cannot look directly into a beam of sunlight with my eyes, but this small phone can. In some ways it supersedes my vision, to capture what my physical form isn't capable of seeing. So these photos aren't even my memories, but a machine's. They belong to no one, and therefore can belong to anyone.”


with Owen for Unbound Babes
Shot by Jhedya McGarrell